Rocking The Casbah Capsule.

As you may be aware, I made a brief soujourn to Tokyo over the weekend. I left early Friday morning by Shinkansen and then wandered the streets of Shibuya for several hours until I could meet up with Andy, my neighbour from olden days.

One of my first stops was to my favourite nerd shop, Mandarake and picked up a few items which I'll show off later. I surreptitiously snapped a photo of a cool Star Trek Phaser Game that I considered buying. I also legitimately snapped photos of some of the display cases. Expensive stuff but very cool!

Also around town, I saw an ad for a Tezuka Osamu collection at Parco that unfortunately would be in town two weeks from now but in its stead, there was a cutesy art display with an awesome stuffed pink dragon that filled up the entire room!

Some of the banners and billboards around town were rather cool, so here are a few that I liked:

I had 3 pints of Hobgoblin homebrew (at Happy Hour prices) and a pizza at old pal Dave's (DJ Mixture) pub.

I finally met up with Andy and we cruised over to a nearby cinema to watch TinTin. I had extremely low expectations walking in and we both enjoyed it immensely. I especially liked the dog, the Williams score and the cameo by Spielberg. Wasn't too keen on the lengthy chase sequence or crane-battle.
(NOTE: Japanese pronunciation is タンタン・Tan-tan utilizing the original French pronunciation If they went by the English, it'd be チンチン・Chin-Chin for there is no Ti sound, only Chi. This is a no-no for Chin-chin in Japanese is a nickname for "Penis!")
After that, I retired to my "Capsule Hotel" up the street only to find that it is a haven for "Rockers"!

Apologies for this post was to have occured yesterday but Blogger was taking forever to upload photos. Tonight it seemed to go much more quickly.
ps. Here is my tribute to Ronald Searle who I had just learned had died at the end of last year. One of my favourite illustrators, his work on "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas" was true genius.

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