Marking His Territory.

The main reason I made the trip down to Tokyo was to attend a shindig sponsored by pal Mark to celebrate his nuptials to the Adorable Atsuko. After a breakfast of an Avocado Burger at Burger King (great Sandwiches but abominable fries & onion rings and NO kids' meal!) I wondered through a bookstore and eventually trekked to Kiba and his digs. There is an extremely surreal statue nearby and you can see the soon-to-be-completed "Sky Tree" from his apartment.

While Atsuko & I were shopping for some helium balloons & a cake made of roses, I had the opportunity to do a Gloomy impersonation!

Lots of Brewpub brews were consumed and though I wish I could say I enjoyed them, I was unimpressed with the few I sampled. The food was magnificent though!

These would be some pics of the other guests and the lovely couple in question.

After the initial party, a handful of us absconded to a tiny hole-in-the-ground pub whereupon I gave out some UFO-catch booty and amazed everyone (except Mark) an a cappella version of My Way sung My Way.

Treat her right Mark, she deserves it!


Mark D. Keene said...

Thanks for your support, Mike. You're a good friend. Also, you got me wrong: your My Way was great, just not like my My Way. Now if you'd sung your My Way my way, my applause would've been WAY more.

The Frog Queen said...

Looks like all kinds of fun!! I do say I have to love the tree sculpture (or at least what is done) - BTW - what is that last red pie? Looks....interesting :)



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