Something Wicker This Way Comes.

About 2 1/2 years ago, I paid a visit to the Tagajo Historical Museum and snapped a few pics inside and out. I had some time to kill last week so I dropped by there again. On the way there though, I decided to visit the extemely fascinating* "Ruins of Tagajo Castle".

*Warning: may not actually be fascinating.

Very little difference from the last time I was at the museum, but this time, I was greeted by the Count and managed to take photos of a few more corpses & skulls.

So I'd seen all that before but I must have taken a new route for I discovered this display that I hadn't seen before. Within was a roomful of the coolest characters made of Wicker. I half expected to bump into Ingrid Pitt & Christopher Lee encasing Edward Woodward within one of the bigger ones. (Come to think of it, I wonder if "The Wicker Tree" will ever come to Japan?)

The big ones are called お人形様 (O-ningyou sama = Giant Dolls) and you can find more pictures of them here.

I wonder what treats will await me there when I revisit in another few years?

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