It's Twelfth Night today so if scrounged through Facebook and elsewhere today to dig up a dozen tidbits: First up is the incredible claymationed version of John Carpenter's The Thing by the gang at Dangerous Minds.

Too lazy to click that link? I've got you covered...
(**Please note, there should be videos here but they were removed from YouTube.)

There's a meme going around where you choose the song that came out on your birthday. My initial reaction was "Mehme"! Then I discovered my song was one of the most irritating and strangely addictive tunes of all time, The Chipmunk Song!

You should recall that I was born on Christmas, if you want to know what year, Google Alannah Myles, she has the same birthdate as I.

Amusing* Knock Knock joke:
Knock Knock
Who's there?
To who?
(Condescendingly) Uh, uh, uh. To whom?

*Amusing to me anyway.

A zombified jazz trumpeter's bust in the Karaoke joint and an odd scuplture of a reindeer I went to on the 30th.

Aquaman and other Justice Leaguers get Manga-ized by the intriguing Cliff Chiang.

A mural in a cool Jazz bar I attended that same night. I drank some very smooth scotch (unfortunately I saw it again later that night.)

Batman characters get Seussified.

Hey, a new Octopus has been discovered near Antarctica. It's just a matter of time now before it ends up in a たこ焼き Tako-yaki shop.

I can't wait for the new Mars Attacks cards to come out! Can you?

Finally, for the first time ever, I avoided the New Years sales when I discovered I still have some unopened items from last year's bargains. I definitely wouldn't miss this sale though! (Slightly NSFW.)

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