In Brightest Day...

After a full day of bridge playing (something I haven't done in ages), I popped into the local Big Boy for dindin. They have a special of Lamb Chops and though tiny, it was tasty. It came with a spicy mustard and a basil-salt dip but it could have used some mint jelly.

This Big Boy just happens to be located next to a 2nd Street and though there wasn't much worth picking up inexpensively, I did find a pretty cool John Stewart as Green Lantern paperweight. Today had winds upwards of 50 kph so this weight would have its work cut out for it to hold down any wayward paper.

Justice League is my favourite of all the DC cartoons (in a few weeks, we'll finally get Young Justice so maybe I'll change my tune) and John does a great job as GL.

If and when they make a Justice League movie, I hope they use this version. As long as Guy Gardner shows up for a cameo, that is.

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