I wanted to post this last night but I spent too much time working on my costume. It looks extremely lame, I'm quite proud of it!

I had a paint mishap so I had to go buy some paint remover. Just so happens that the guy who sells it owns a hobby shop and is a big Godzilla fan. The Godzillas out front of his store were in full costume!

En route back, I decided to stop for some Halloween treats. I rarely eat sweets but tonight I deserved my just desserts. Peko-chan served up some goodies behind the counter and I choose three dishes myself. I got some kind of pumkinny cupcake, a torte and a pumpkin-caramel pudding. Definitely too rich for my half-assed diet, but I need to splurge every now and then.

I am running low on Attack on Titan goods but I suspect that I'll have enough Nightmare until Christmas. Here's a bust and some creepy Mardi Gras style change-purses. Sally looks like a gimp with her mouth zipped but looks even creepier with it open.

That should be enough to give you nightmares.

Enjoy your Halloween night everyone!
May none of you receive a rock in your bag...

(I''m off to a big party soon. It's at Ernie's Bar so come on down if you're in the neighbourhood. Otherwise, I'll see you in spirits.)

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