A Bit Of A Stretch.

Yay, I found a bag of Nightmare goods that I didn't go through at Halloween so I have some stuff for Creepmas. My blog hasn't been very creepy this month, but thanks to Jack and Sally, this should rectify things.

So Santa Jack, Jack Skellington and Sally don't look too abnormal here. (Okay, Sally is a little odd.)

Yet wait until you give a tug on their arms or legs and see what happens. You can get a stubby-armed Santa Jack, an orangutan Santa Jack or a V-shaped Santa Jack.

The same effect can be given to Jack and Sally!

Well, that Sally managed to get a whole lot weirder. Here's the three of them together arm in arm.

As an added bonus, I found out what would happen if Jack stepped through a different door than the Christmas Tree, the St. Patrick's Clover.

More Jack and the gang tomorrow.

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