Into Stella!

I came back from the Nolan movie, インターステラー (Into Stella), tonight and it was terrific. Not completely unpredictable yet part of the fun was the journey.
The most confusing bit for me is who is Stella and why are they going into her?

Check out the 13 second mark on this and you'll be similarly confused.

Apart from the movie pamphlet, there were no goods for sale, not even a Clear File, dang it! But since Yamato 2199 has just been released, there is tons of merchandise for it. I didn't get any because I was with a friend and didn't want to geek out too severely yet I did manage to drop 500 yen on a lucky draw item and won the #1 prize! (Visual Sheet.)

I also picked up a pair of advance tickets for this weekend's release of The Hobbit, The Battle of 5 Hours (or something like that.) Considering advance tickets for this movie began a year ago after the Smaug one, I was surprised to see that there were some premiums left over. I landed two Hobbit memo pads.

By the way, if you come across this flavour of Pepsi, you'd be wise to avoid it. I'm not sure what the colour Pink is supposed to taste like but sugary water probably comes close. It's not even carbonated to give it some fizz. Yuck!

I had a pretty good day at school today; I got to wear a giant bear head at one point, and play "Pin the nose on Rudolph". FYI, a Santa hat pulled down over a kid's eyes makes a dandy blindfold. Happy 50th Anniversary, 'Dolph. You've aged well.

 Enough of the cutesy stuff, for those of you who came here looking for creepy stuff, look no further...

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