What's Kyonyu, Pussycat?

I watched a video tonight that was one of the odder things I've seen in a long time. Now one would expect with a title like "Big T*ts Zombie" that there would be lots of gratuitous naughty bits hither and yon and you would be disappointed if that's why you saw it. (Granted there are 2-3 scenes that are NSFW but consist of only 3-4% of the movies running time.)

The Japanese title is 巨乳ドラゴン 温泉ゾンビVSストリッパー5 (Kyonyū doragon: Onsen zonbi vs sutorippaa 5) which translates as "Big T*t Dragon, Spa Zombie vs. Stripper 5". I'm not sure whether there were four previous movies in this series or if the director is having a bit of a lark.

You can watch the entire movie if you wish here.

And if you're a fan of Zombie movies and aren't insulted by lots of fake blood spraying and the odd boob here and there, it is worth seeing. It is VERY funny with some truly witty dialogue and some cute acting by all the leads. Be warned there are 2 extremely bizarre scenes, one of which you can see a photo of here. (Mileage will vary whether you are offended or not.)

It's all based on a manga that apparently is far ruder and graphic and disgusting than this movie. Yet any picture that has a cute gal brandishing a chainsaw à la Ash is okay by me.

I'm not going to bother linking to this post on my Facebook page due to its somewhat dubious nature so I'll be curious as to how many hits it gets.

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