At The Circus.

During the month of October, 7-11 had one of their little draws where you can win one of 11 different prizes. By the title above, you can probably guess what the theme was, Halloween Circus!

This is what I got...

The "K" prizes were these "reflector charms", not sure what they're supposed to reflect. I guess I'll use them to pimp my bicycle or stick them in the rear window of my car and annoy the vehicle behind me.

I know these aren't very scary but a clown of Goofy is creepy enough for Creepmas!

The "J" prizes were these mini-towels of Donald and Daisy, I didn't get Minnie nor Mickey.

The "I" prizes were  memo pads in the shape of popcorn, ice cream, cookies or a donut..

The "H" prizes are pretty cool, a set of removable tattoos or some "design fashion seals" for your nails.

I didn't win "D-G" prizes but I did get two of "C", which is a hoodie of Mickey/Minnie. I used that during my costume parade with the Elementary kids this year.

The "B" prize was a hoodie for adults that I would have liked and  the "A" prize is a dust gathering "accessory stand figure". Meh-ckey Mouse indeed.

Finally, I managed to acquire the grand "Last Prize", if you just happen to be around when there are only a few items left, you can buy up the extras and win it. In this case a large pillow adorned with all the characters on the back and a mustache-sporting Mickey as Ringleader on the front!

For your viewing pleasure, step right up and watch the Marx Brothers in "At the Circus"!

Just to ensure that there is some creepiness in this Creepmas countdown post, here is a vampiric Donald and a Jekyll/Hyde type Mickey!

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