Grab Bags.

In the style of Ashens, I decided to rip open several bags of toys purchased from Mandai before Halloween. I never got around to tearing into them before now, so they become Creepmas/Christmas treats rather than Halloween goodies.

Speaking of Ashens, here is a Peeing Pooch:

So I was trying for the sarcastic tone that he employs but I tended to ramble a bit too much. I think if I do this again, I'll just do it a bag at a time rather than cramming it all in at once. Here is the first video that YouTube made me shrink down from a half hour to a watchable 15 minutes. The quality sucks, you can't see half the toys, my banter is lame SO unless you're really bored, I DON"T recommend you waste your time watching it.

The second video is missing a huge part from the middle of my diatribe and shows just the tail end of it. Once again, DON"T bother watching it unless you're a glutton for punishment. (And I forgot to tilt the camera, Doh!)

So that the last hour wasn't a complete waste of time, I photographed the goods and here they are in random order:

 A Chopper from Taiwan that specifically says, not to be removed from Taiwan.
 Some One Piece dude.
 An Evangelion robot-dude.
 A mermaid with a Rastafarian Starfish
 Auel Neider from Gundam.
 Some well-endowed Gypsy gal from One Piece.
 A Masked Rider baddie.
 A gal with extreme back problems
 A glam guy.
 She comes with her own stool.
Some stand up dohicky, a pair of Dragonball (?) characters from Coke and  something else.
 A mini pouch featuring the Koala Cookie Character.
 A quartet of mini-finger puppets if you have really tiny fingers.
 This is some Pokemon-dude getting pissed on wine. It is actually a Pawn, now I want the whole chess set.
 Various vehicles, including the gal from Lupin.

What follows are many characters from One Piece. Apart from Luffy and Chopper, I know not their names. Look it up your self.

 A quartet of warrior princesses.
 Not sure what the signs say. I hope it's good news.
 It's Masahiro Tanaka as a charm!
 A coin and some buttons.
 Various K-on goods, those cards are made of metal!
 A Titan card case and a button. (I'm keeping these.)
 Various mushroomy guys.
 Very tiny One Piece characters.
 Some Gundam toys et al, assembly required.
 A little behind the times, these are K-On stickers to put on your Keitai.
 Some trading cards.

Well, that's it. I think I opened about 5 bags at 200 yen a pop so for the price of 10 bucks, I landed all of the above. Not a bad haul, I must say.  I know a few people who would appreciate the above and the rest I shall keep for myself!

Happy Creepmas, one and all. I only wish there were more creepy things within!

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