Oh, Christmas Tree!

I finally gathered my old tree out of the mothballs and it is a shabby looking thing.

Not unlike Charlie Brown's choice, let's see if we can perform a Christmas Miracle™.

These were the decorations upon it. I think it was two years ago and I never it took it down until last summer. 

 These ugly beasts were quite popular two years ago. Now, not so much.
 The stoned Chip and Dale, will be retired but I think I'll salvage the Masamunya for this year as well.
 A couple of Gloomies.
 Angry and Hangry (or is it Hangry and Angry?)
 A couple of Nyancats.
This bear in a Coke was a give-away a few years back. I have half a dozen new ones for the tree this year.

Through the first few weeks of December, I tried my luck at winning some key Disney ornaments at Family Mart. I was doing fairly well and then the coveted "Last One" was introduced and I bought the remaining ones until I won it. This Four-Plate set serves as a backdrop for my tree this year.

 These are all the ornaments I acquired with surprisingly few doubles. (Three)

I also won the "B" Prize which is a quartet of Pooh. Too bad I already have two Pooh.

 Because it's a tiny tree, I don't have too much room so I'll only be putting up my Pixar prizes.

 So let's take a look at what else I've got.

Okay, the tree looks much better with some dangly dudes. Oh, darn it doesn't show up in this picture. I have used Mecha-King Ghiddorah as the Star/Angel upon the treetop.
 My Hulk Fist turned festive with Shakespearean Jack and a Stocking hanging over my fire extinguisher.
 The Halloween Tree all lit up gives it a more glittery mood.
 I made a little Santa Hat for Godzilla and look how he's smiling now!
 Gizmo in a box and Mothra's larva crawling out of a festive egg.
 Stretchy Santa-Jack.
 Anpanman is all ready for the New Year.
 Nightmare Before Christmas stickers (which I have had there since I moved in.)
 A close-up of the Larva with Lock, Shock and Barrel, and Jack in a Snowman.
Not exactly award winning, but a pretty good display, I must say. (Click pic to Miracle-size it.)

As a reward for making it this far, here is a cute little story about Christmas Trees who seek retribution:

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