Youkai Better Watch Out!

It's tough to find creepy posts for Creepmas when everything in Japan is just so dashed gone cute! I like the idea of Youkai Watch but Youkai are supposed to be scary, not adorable!

There's a new movie coming out at Christmas time (most likely a compilation of the TV show yet it could be an original tale.)

I've already acquired a popcorn bucket from it though.

I've also managed to acquire a few more items. There are tons of goods out there yet I've chosen to avail myself of only a few via UFO Catcher, mainly because I was certain I'd get them in one try.

So far, I have a squeezable ball and two coin purses.

Lately, I've been collecting these seals because if you buy a sticker, it comes with a free drink (or is it the other way around?) I know I have a full set somewhere, though I'm missing a few from this lineup.

These four stickers come with a bag of chips. Only 56 more to complete the set!

Unfortunately I can't scam a photo of it but if you click on this little linky thing, you'll find out where some of these characters come from using an old Ukiyo-e painting. Now why couldn't they get these guys for their little anime?

Yokai - Ukiyo-e animation from Betty on Vimeo.

Nope, instead we get this incredibly popular dance!

And it has taken Japan by storm with everyone emulating it.

Even the Attack on Titan gang are getting into the act.

And finally just so I can put the creepy back into Creepmas is this:

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