Ho Ho Hoser!

Here's an update on some of the Kris Kringling I've been up to of late.

Of course over the last two weeks, it has been Christmas lessons with the the kiddies at school. Grade 6 played "Pin the Nose on Rudolph" and Bingo. Grade 5 played PtNoR and I also taught them Rudolph in English. With Grades 3 and 4, we played a bit of PtNoR and turn each kid into a Christmas tree by using tinsel and having them spin around until they are well-trimmed. (I didn't have any formal Xmas tinsel, so we used my leftover Halloween tinsel.) Grades 1 and 2 played decorate the tree while counting out Christmas baubles, and a rousing game of Pass the Poo starring Mr. Hankey.
Lots of fun and very tiring.


Blindfold the kid with a Santa hat and his colleague must direct him where to "pin" the nose on Rudy. Everyone shrieked, "Kawaii" at the sight of this and most guessed it to be Bambi. Bambi is the go-to name for any faun or young deer here in Japan.
Happy 50th, Rudolph

The younger kids were given Trees as homework, these two are my favourites.

 Nice to see an inter-denominational Christmas event. Thanks for coming out Buddha.

A few weeks back, I made 2 cameos as Santa for the Carl Eikaiwa School Christmas Parties. Pop in, do some Hohohoing, hand out some presents, take a pic with a few kids, and pop back out.

I also had a new gig as Santa for the Benesse group of schools. 2 hours as Santa, mingling with the students, playing some games and teaching some English. Since none of them know who I am, I went commando and just used my regular silvery goatee rather than donning a full beard.

 UPDATE: These two pictures have just been added!

Last night, I joined DJ Mokugohan at Ernie's Bar's Party. There was a good crowd and since it was rainy, I drove down and changed in the car. I didn't have time to grab any treats to dole out so people received some either leftover candies from Halloween, a Pumpkin KitKat or a fruity lozenge I had in the car. Everyone still managed to have a good time and I got to hang with a few contenders for Mrs. Claus!

It wasn't just the ladies. There were some guys there too.

Today, I had a full day at the Royal Park Hotel. Pop in to the Banquet, Ho Ho Ho for the families and pop back out. Then I sit in my throne and have pictures taken with each of the kiddies. Of course some kids do suffer from Santa Claustrophobia (the Fear of being trapped near Santa) and bawled instead of smiling.

This is by far the best Santa outfit I've ever worn. A few improvements have been made to the wig and beard to make it more comfortable and less sweaty (you still get a mouthful of synthetic hair from time to time.)
 A new Reindeer!
 This flautist also plays during some of my local weddings!

I have the day off from Santa tomorrow but back to the old grind on Tuesday and Wednesday. Ah no rest for the wicked judge. (Naughty or nice?)

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