I just came back from watching 寄生獣 (kiseiju or Parasyte or Parasitic Beasts) and it was a blast!! (Since it's cheap movie day, I also saw the excellent Fury, yet we'll ignore that for now.) When I first saw the ad for it, it looked kind of cool with this eyeball showing up on a guys palm, little did I know how great a movie it would turn out to be.

I don't want to give anything away, for though it is all in Japanese and tough to follow, there are some excellent special effects and terrific acting by the lead dude, Shota Sometani (as Shinichi Izumi). I just saw him last week in that Daruma movie and last year in Sadako 4D. This kid is going places! There was one scene in the movie that almost had me in tears!

Here is the rest of the cast.

Migi (the parasyte in Shinichi's right hand) shilling popcorn.

And chilling with the Hippoco gang.

Of course, I had to buy some goodies. A 3D Clear File and a mini Clear File set.

 I also bought a mechanical pencil and a metre-long hankie.

If you check out the Capsule dispensers, you may get either of these two iPhone ear jacks or this memo stand.

There are two others of Migi but I haven't won them yet.

I'm going to have to check out the anime, the TV Series, the manga and whatever else is out there.

If you do head out to see the movie, and I strongly recommend you do so, be sure to stay after all the credits to see a sneak preview of the sequel due in April next year...

By the way, this is my first entry in Creepmas, 13 days of something creepy before the 12 Days of Christmas sets in. Click the little Santa head on my sidebar and you can find more creepiness from around the web.

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