This is a painting/collage done by one of my Grade 5 lads. Hopefully, I'll be able to successfully acquire it for my own without crossing the lines of favouritism. He calls it "レックス" (Rex).

Friday night was the annual Tohoku Denki Friends of Canada Christmas party and once again I portrayed Santa Claus aided my antithetical partner, Black Santa. Much like Krampus, Black Santa takes away the presents from the bad boys and girls. Tonight though, he was in good behaviour and even managed to acquire a few handshakes from the crowd.

Entertainment was provided by a huge Men's choir who sang Oh Canada and a medley of Christmas tunes in Japanese. They also sang a very cool Fisherman's song from Matsushima that had a distinct Native Canadian sound to it though that is by pure coincidence.

There was also a juggler.
(If you're ever attacked by a bunch of clowns, always go for the juggler.)

I missed out on the rest of his act but here's a snippet of it.

We handed out all the gifts and I took home some jams. These will be great for regifting.

Black Santa's alter ego and I went out for a few more brews afterwards and ultimately ended up at BBs for some absinthe. It started to get fairly crowded (for a place that seats about 15, that doesn't take long) but Alex suggested we have another. The second absinthe that came was about three times the size of the first and took much longer to sip down. By chance, Alex's former hockey teammate and current Monkey Majik
 singer, Blaise, showed up and played a bunch of their recent tunes via his phone. Nice mini-concert.

One of their latest releases (click that above link to buy it) is 夏の情事 and it puts the creep in today's Creepmas entry. Check this out!

As an added bonus to my loyal readers, here are some of the Storm Troopers that I bought via Capsule yesterday:

On route home I picked up a new Happi Setto and this time they have Mariocart characters. I don't know much about this game but I think I got the coolest one. A tad disappointing though. It doesn't have pull-back motion, you have to physically push it. Where's the fun in that?

Today I was a wreck!

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