A Peek At A Pika-Pika Pageant.

I was on my way home from another Santa gig, dropped in on the Sendai Festival of Lights and came up with two observations.
1. It is really dull (surprising for something so bright) when you are sober.
2. It is even duller when you wander the streets alone with no one that you can enlighten with your witty and pithy banter.

That being said, it sure is purty!

Then my night was brightened further by those Kris Kringles on wheels, Santa's Choice!
(Not to be confused with Satan's Choice, a biker gang from Canada.)

Rats, they zoomed by before I had my camera ready. Back to the ponderous pageant.

Yay, the Bikers are back and this time they seem to have magical powers!

See how they disappear into the ethereal? Awesome.

Tonight is my last Santa gig and then I'll be hanging up the costume for the year and start celebrating what December 25th is truly about...MY BIRTHDAY!

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