Fright 2Night!

I'm going to play catch up while my computer is still working. These were supposed to be posted on Halloween...

I'm not sure how, but this post on Fright Night from last year landed almost 1000 hits. Let's see if this one on Fright Night 2 fares as well.

I do dig that back cover!

I was saving this Halloween treat for Halloween but circumstances didn't permit that then. I gave away one of the KitKats to everyone at the Ernie party and the Ha'Penny party. Coolest part of this set is that each of the packages have a creature signing.

The above is Caramel Pudding, below is just regular chocolate.

This box was courtesy of Costco. I scored a sh*tload of KitKats for ten bucks.

I'm sure I'll have a few more Halloween tidbits to share over the next few days.

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