Happy Ha'Penny Halloween!

It's been almost a week since Halloween and the delay is thanks to an uncooperative computer and a weekend away. For the time being, my pc is cooperating but I don't know how long that'll last. Therefore, I'll make this quick and just show a whole bunch of photos from the Ha'Penny Halloween party on the 31st.

Because this is the best costume of the night, I'll start with it so it shows up as a thumbnail.

One of my Jazz Fest pals. As you can see, I've recycled my costume from last Saturday only I chucked the lower net since it dragged my pants down the last time.

Kids! Who brings kids to a pub?

How could I resist giving them part of my hard earned catch? Because all her friends had cetaceans, the gal on the right traded her Nemo for a dolphin.

My dolphin kept trying for my beer. I think it did it on porpoise!

Jack Sparrow behind the barrrrr!

There were two bands, the first one is comprised of a bunch of friends from St. Paddy's and previous Halloweens.

After this song began, I ran and got my dolphin which just happens to be a squeaky toy and perfect accompaniment for this tune.

All their tunes had an Irish bent to them, fitting for Samhain.

The other band seems to be composed decomposed of the undead.

I love Michael Jackson's voice, it's so cute.

By the end of the evening, all of the gals were recipients of one of my sea creatures.

This is me before and after the feeding frenzy.

Fortunately, I still have plenty of fish left to stock up on for the future.

Till next year, boys and ghouls...

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