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I saw this newspaper on the stands over a month ago, though at the time, I was laden with parcels, was heading out of town and couldn't pick one up. Since then, I couldn't find one anywhere! I finally tracked one down and am pleased to have done so.

Beware, there are a few minor spoilers ahead yet I'll try and keep the mystery intact. A few classic Kaiju have quick blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameos at the beginning of the movie. Here are a few of those creatures.

The big G finally shows up to create havoc in 2034.

The story unfolds with the cast and a few scenes.

Some movie history for your perusal.



I really need to check out the new Godzilla Store!

Here are some of the goodies up for sale...

Figures on the left and cookies with cards on the left. I actually have these and will showcase them anon.

Other goodies include a coin bank and a humidifier.

Ooh! I want an umbrella!

Finally there's motivation for me to attend a rugby game!

The back cover shows which cinemas are broadcasting the movie.

I've saved the best for last. This is the centerfold of the newspaper. Godzilla has really beefed up, hasn't he?

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