The Thing From Planet X!

This will be my first post with my brand spanking new (used) DELL computer and it is already far easier to utilize than my decade old cheap-ass PC. I was planning on posting this during the Countdown to Halloween as part of Carpenter week, yet since today happens to be the 35th anniversary of the release of The Thing in Japan, here ya go.

As you can see, the Japanese title of this movie is The Thing From Planet X. Is this a term in John W. Campbell's original novel? Is it the same Planet X that sent us King Ghiddorah? Is it because it sounds cool? We may never know.

Lots of flaming people in this movie.

A cool cast and cooler director.

Below is the back cover. "Man is the Warmest Place to Hide."

I scammed this poster from a Famous Monsters of Filmland Facebook post. Sweet!

I have plenty of kids drawings to draw from. Here are some good ones. (No Things.)

I love this witch vamping it with a one-eyed cat.

Hmm. IT is rated pg 15. How does an 11-year old know about Pennywise?

Hopefully, I'll be back to blogging tomorrow, though I'm off to see Blade Runner and may not have time after that.

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