Out of Their League.

Several weeks ago, I bought a movie ticket for Justice League and with it I got this key-chain. Hmm, that doesn't look like Ben Affleck. Ah well, it couldn't be any worse than Batman vs. Superman. (Spoiler alert: it is worse.)

I wish I'd read this before I went to the movie, it would have answered a few questions. That link contains the following preview and it looks pretty dumb.
(Spoiler alert: it is pretty dumb.)

Eagle Talon shows up occasionally on the tube and I quickly change the channel. I'm not a fan of this form of Flash Anime mainly due to its cheap production value. Ironically, this cheap production value is much of the focus of this movie. Here are the DC characters that they meet.

That is a very nice looking poster which is recreated on the following flyer. Here is its website

Starting at the upper left, I'll comment on each of the above pics. Spoilers ensue. (Be sure to click it in order to Kaiju-size it.)
1. Three members of the JL meet a few of the Eagle Talon gang.
2. Joker's getaway sub. Best part of the movie is Aquaman's take down of said sub.
3. The DC villains. Penguin didn't have much to do except act like a businessman. Harley was just a yes-woman for Joker yet did have a cute nickname for him. She called him プリン-チャン, (Pudding-chan). Joker had a good hearty laugh and guffawed often.
4. At one point, an adversary yelled, "Harryhausen" and these robotic centaurs showed up to challenge the JL. This sequence was fairly well done by Gonzo animation.
5. Flash running. Nice bum.
6. In a slightly amusing sequence, the Eagle Talon villains went back in time a few times to Bruce Wayne's parents' murder scene in an attempt to alter Batman's past. One bit had Donald Trump take over the Wayne fortune. Another bit had the group arrive naked, Terminator style and Bruce was all agog over their nakedness.
7. Another animated sequence (Gonzo again? I'm not too sure.) of the Batmobile.
8. The goofiest bit had the JL turned into goofy parodies of themselves. I didn't particularly care for this part.

The Justice League. Cyborg and Flash didn't have much to do. Aquaman has a tiny hipster beard that I didn't care for otherwise he was cool. 

Joker had stolen the weapon to make a Kaiju. All it did was turn a salaryman into a Titan and he destroyed a bunch of buildings just by walking around. Very lame. But the music was Godzilla-inspired.

These six characters are drawn identically and were just garbed in tradition JL costumes. There was a scene where ワン田 (Wan-da) put makeup on the real Wonder Woman and she sparkled and spoke like a typical anime girl. That made me giggle. 

The main voice actors above.

I may not have liked the movie very much yet that didn't prevent me from buying a little towel.

Unfortunately for those of you who live in Sendai and would like to see it, today was its final showing. Take my word for it, you're not missing much.

I'll say one thing positive about the movie, it whetted my taste for the forthcoming Justice League movie which surprisingly premieres here only one day after its US premiere.

Wait a sec, what the hell is this? A collaboration between Justice League X Puzzle and Dragons! Damn, now I have to go check that out...

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