Monsters Among Us!

Yay, I finally got a chance to see Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters today and enjoyed it. Even better, I was given a free present upon entry!

I asked the guy sitting near me to show me his present and sure enough it was a different colour than mine.

I wish I had read the contents of that link beforehand and then I would not have been quite so lost. The dialogue was rapid and constant and in high-level Japanese so it was VERY difficult to follow. Thus I just sat back and relished in the lush visuals.

As with most Kaiju movies, the darned humans get too much airtime and this was no exception.
A diversified cast yet, since everyone speaks in Japanese, they are not exactly distinguishable.

Since it'll be released internationally on Netflix in the future, I think I'll wait for a dubbed or subbed version and hopefully it'll be more comprehensible.

Whenever the Kaiju are on screen, the movie is wonderful, otherwise it is just talk, talk, talk. I liked the rhamporhyncus-like pterosaurs a lot. I tried to snag a few at UFO Catcher but this claw machine was of the "Pick up and drop" variety and it was impossible to snare any. Here are the three guys I tried to grab, but even the lighter pterosaur was uncatchable.

I did purchase a couple of items to sate my thirst for goods. Here are a pair of masking tapes and a bottle cap that I scored.

I also purchased an advanced ticket for the sequel next May. For my troubles, they threw in a free Clear File!

I'm looking forward to it!

ps. A cool real-life Kaiju alert in my bathroom! A benjo korogi showed up in my loo.

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