Hulk Smash Godzilla*

Today's UFO Catch acquisition includes The Incredible Hulk!

Let's see how he fares in a standoff against a turquoise Gojira?

Nope, *Godzilla smashes Hulk.

Here's a quick shot at trying for another Godzilla. No go!

I also landed an IronMan and a Marvel towel.

The other day I scored a Captain America Shield which also serves as a knapsack.

Still not much Godzilla loot but I managed to wrangle a couple of t-shirts.

Not a bad haul, though it wasn't exactly cheap.

All this Marvel stuff seems to be recycled from Spiderman Homecoming and Ultron. So far no Thor Ragnarok loot in the Catch bins. Fortunately some Mystery Minis have cropped up. Here's what I've nabbed so far and only one double.

The one above includes some Exclusive figures only available in the cinema. I've only seen them at Toho downtown. The ones below have some different Exclusives and I've only seen these for sale at the Village Vanguard in Natori. It'll be tough to track down all of these. But really, I've scored some of the best ones including 4/6 exclusives. Now all I need is the Fenris Wolf and I'll be happy.

More Godzilla goodies as the week continues (and I still haven't seen the darned movie yet!)

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