Just Us League.

Guess what premiered today! After a couple of weeks of ignoring internet chatter about Justice League, it opened today to a modicum of fanfare. I went to a matinee in Imax and it was about 1/3 filled which isn't bad by Japanese standards.
My consensus? Not as good as Wonder Woman but way better than BvS.
Highlights: Any time Aquaman speaks or does anything. Anytime Flash speaks or does anything. Anytime Wonder Woman speaks or does anything. Parademons! Steppenwolf!! Low-lights: Batman in action great, any other time, meh. Superman in action great, his interaction with Lois was meh.

I snagged a set of six B-5 Clear Files. Here are the symbols on the reverse. Match them up with their hero counterparts.

And here is a set of two clear files. I like the one on the right best.

I have some other Justice League stuff to share yet I'll do that tomorrow. It's bedtime here.

And just so the day doesn't end without a bit of Godzilla, let's give thanks that there is a new Gatcha-capsule out there.

I just picked up the one for now. I have a Capsule dealer who has promised me an entire set. I'll pick it up on Saturday.

Happy Thanksgiving (USA) or Labour-Thanksgiving (Japan) or Happy Thursday to the rest of the world.


Caffeinated Joe said...

I agree about the film. I was wary going on in, but pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to the Aquaman film! Happy Thanksgiving!

Michael Jones said...

Me too!


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