Figure It Out.

I saw these at the cinema when the movie first premiered and haven't seen them anywhere else since. Fortunately there were only five of them and the boxes were numbered so there was no fear of duplication so I bought the lot. I'm going to show them in reverse order, mainly because I like Hedora a lot and thus it'll show up in the thumbnail.

The rest of the box includes a mini-Kaiju data file.

Furthermore, there's a blurb about the movie.

Within the box is the figure and this piece of paper with a cryptic look at a 50 cm. tall figure. If you can scan the bar code from the pic, give it a whirl and it'll send you to this website.

I'll save you the trouble of the above click and show you the figure.

Hey, you also get a piece of gum for your five bucks. Not a bad deal!

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