Boy, is my face red!

Doh! You might as well ignore my previous post as the Stylus show showcased some other band and not my MTV debut. It was on last Sunday and I'd hoped it'd be rerun tonight. Not to be.

But now that I've got you here, I'll tell you about my Japanese TV debut way back on April 7th, 2003. All of Japan was celebrating the birthday of アトム (Astro Boy) and Alex and I headed to this tiny apartment on the second floor of a restaurant and into the dwelling of Sendai's greatest オタク (otaku) and atomu expert. He had even more toys and paraphernalia of the Mighty Atom than me! We were briefly interviewed and hummed the theme song and had a delightful time. The next day, a few students and teachers mentioned that they'd seen us. Ahhh, the limelight!

As a treat for you, here are a few scans of some atomu origami you can try out. Get yourself some 150X150 mm origami paper and attempt to follow the directions. (Some of you out there, with greater scanner and photoshop skills than I, can measure the paper to fit it to the correct size and dimensions.)

Good luck (you can always click on the pic to Atomize it!)

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