Murder by Decree.

Or as it should be known, Murder by Drunk Driver. Bob Clark has directed many movies but will do so no longer, for he and his son have been killed. Unbeknown to me, he was actually born in New Orleans, which is a surprise considering most of his films were made in Canada. He made Black Christmas (Margot Kidder-Canuck), his Sherlock Holmes picture, Murder by Decree (Christopher Plummer-Canuck), Loose Cannons (Dan Aykroyd-Canuck) and the highest-grossing Canadian-made picture, Porky's (Kim Cattrall-Canuck). He's made several more that I haven't seen including A Christmas Story which stars Kolchak and is DJ Mokugohan's favourite movie. I don't know if any of the actors were Canadian, but this house is.

Here's a few minutes of A Christmas Story (I have too much respect for him to play anything from Porky's.)

I really gotta see this movie sometime!

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