Finding Nemo.

While in Matsushima, we also went to an Aquarium, Marinepia . Externally it appears fairly Mickey Mouse, I expected 3 guppies and a goldfish. Surprisingly, I saw much more (4 guppies!) There were sea lions and penguins and otters, (oh my!) As well as all manners of marine life held within the confines of several tanks. Not as impressive as the one I saw in Singapore, but bigger and more spacious than I'd have thought possible for the size of the buildings (400 different species and over 8000 fishies in total.) I can't remember all the names of the various denizens of the deep, but those I know, I will illuminate.

This Merry-go-round was so dilapidated, I was certain that Mr. Electrico would leap out anytime.
There are 7 different species on hand and they all waddled about doing what penguins (ペンギン) normally do. I didn't notice any of them tap dancing, surfing or carousing with Dick van Dyke.

One of them looked a bit like Burgess Meredith, but none of them resembled Danny De Vito. There was a certain malaise amongst them, for they were still distraught over their eponymous hockey team's loss to the Ottawa Senators last week.

This cute little ワニ (wani) came on to me.

More to come, when I have more time...

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