Everybody into the Pool! (pronounced "pyuuu-wal")

My net is down at home and I'm really busy at work, so I haven't been able to blog much and inform you of the Hockey Pool we've got going.

We received minimal entries to our pool over here, so this gives you the opportunity to join (with the added of advantage of knowing a few stats already) our worthy endeavour.

Alex's picks:
Spezza (Ottawa)
Crosby (Pittsburg)
Forsberg (Nashville)
Thorton (San Jose)
Pronger (Anaheim)
Maxim Afinogenov (Buffalo)

My picks:
Teemu Selanne (Anaheim)
Chris Drury (Buffalo) and four Dans...
Daniel Briere (Buffalo)
Daniel Sedin (Vancouver)
Danny Heatley (Ottawa)
Daniel Alfredson (Ottawa) (though Leafs fans may hate me for these two!)

Rules of conduct:
Try and limit your choices that you only overlap once with either Alex or myself.
Let me know asap, so that Stats knowledge doesn't influence your choices. (Let's say, a Wednesday cut-off.)
First come first serve, I'll let you know what players have been chosen as the picks come in.

Good luck, winners will get a special prize and a mention on my blog!

ps. Anyone know where I got today's heading quote from?


Anonymous said...

They won't hate you for "the heater"- auto-manslaughterer Dany Heatley, but they, and I, can't much stand Crusty the Clown (Alfredsson) who apparently proclaims "no need for a jockstrap". The leafs may have tripped at the finishline this year but we've got the better Swedish Captain (and so does Vancouver 4 that matter).

Michael Jones said...

I didn't choose anyone for their popularity. I'm just a greedy bugger who wants to win the pool!


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