I got my MTV!

Back in this post, I mentioned that I was at a birthday for BJ of Monkey Majik fame. I further alluded to the interview conducted by the fine folks at Japan MTV who shoved a Mike and camera into the collective faces of the attendees at said bash. Well, lo and behold, but that prestigious event has arrived and myself and my homies will be on MTV tonight on a program called "Stylus".

If you're in Japan and have access to SkyPerfect's Satellite package if you tune into Channel 270 at 9:00 tonight (or 7:00 tomorrow night), you might have a few chuckles watching us all make asses of ourselves.

If you aren't in Japan and want to know what all the fuss is about, you can watch this vid. The birthday boy is the talking head on the right.

I plan to see them at Zepp Sendai on June 30th. Come on down or check the link above to find their new CD release tour.

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NORI #7 said...

I was checked MTV STYLUS with Budweiser.

hehehe :)


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