Clark, the Canadian Goalie.

In honour of Vancouver's 7th game victory over the Dallas Stars (Dallas, now that's a hockey town), I'd like to present a little story about Clark.

Let's hope Vancouver can maintain their momentum against the Anaheim Ducks (Anaheim, now that's a hockey town)!

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Anonymous said...

Yo dude- it's Alex
Hockey may be behind basketball & baseball in Dallas but hey- the Stars have won the cup. Anaheim's 'Pond' (where the Ducks play) may be a Disneycentric fairground attraction but damned if it wasn't filled with raucous, full-on hockey fans while I was watching game 5 against the Wild (which I'll shoot your way tomorrow). Vancouver...? Well, I was there for their cup run in 94` (they took the Rangers to game 7 of the finals) and I always felt that there was something a little off about the whole hockey atmosphere. The riots after they lost would have been considered a party in Hogtown (I know- I was there when we beat the Blues in the Semis and we brought a keg out on to Young St. and started pouring drinks next to a cop on horseback.
Go Sabres (because they deserve it), Go Sharks (because I hate Detroit), and hell Go Ducks (because they are a freakin' good team), and... and... uh..never thought I'd say this... go sens... I suppose... I guess I gotta cheer for at least 1 Canadian team.


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