Grooves Without Borders.

DJ Mixture opened the event at 3:30 with his usual brand of coolness and played for about 30 minutes.

Then there was a band I really liked, called Immigrant's Bossa Band" who were a very groovy Bossa Nova band with bongos, keyboards and a doo-wapping, b-bopping, scatting lead singer-acoustic guitarist, 手倉森 玲一 a.k.a Rei.

Mixture ended up playing 3 more segue sets for various bands, 東京いっぱつ (Tokyo Ippatsu), who started with a swing tune, then reggae but soon deteriorated into some Rock/rap (raw-crap), some so-so rockers called "Rock A Trench" who follow in the grand Japanese tradition of spitting their band's title through a random word generator, then by the time a lame boy-band called "かりうし58" (kariushi-58 and, no, I don't know what it means), I was starting to get tired (partying the night before till 5 am, takes its toll.)

Excuse me miss, the Flapper Convention is next door.

An awesome addition to the whole event was a live painting extravaganza. A half dozen artist started and finished a mural over the course of about 2 hours. It was tres chic.

I left around 7, but all-in-all, a rocking afternoon that managed to promote next Friday's big event.


NORI #7 said...

"KARIYUSHI" in the dialect of Okinawa.
meaning ..happiness.. Good luck... The history is good.

Michael Jones said...

Thanks Nori #7. Their name may mean Happiness, but they still suck.


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