I am Curious Purple.

Since my internet is working for the moment, I plan to do a lot of blogging catch-up. I don't know when next my online will go offline.

So last Thursday, I went to see a live performance by a Deep Purple tribute band, Ritchie Blackmore 誕生日, led by Naobao and it was pretty good. It wasn't worth the 2500 that I paid, but I still managed to have fun. I loved the fact that I was amongst the youngest people there. I didn't know there were any other old farts in on the music scene of Sendai.

Most curious was the lead singer's unfamiliarity with the material. He needed cue cards for all the songs! (Now, I'm one to talk, for I can't sing in Japanese without cue cards either.)

My thanks to Mariko (who manages a restaurant in Tagajo= くいしん坊 宮城県多賀城市中央3丁目1-26 電話 022-364-9491) and Rocking Rob for inviting me.

Their best tune was, of course, Smoke on the Water and they liked it so much, they sang it twice! If you want to find out more about the drummer and bass player, click away.

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