100 minutes and counting...

Holy Crap! The Vancouver Canucks vs. the Dallas Stars is about to enter its 3 overtime period! Blowing a 2 goal lead, the Canucks now have to fend off some insistent Stars to take the first game in their series. Should be interesting.

In other news, Ottawa managed to whoop the butt of the Penguins (Take That NBC!) 6-3 and the only goal that Glory-boy Sidney Crosby got was his teams third goal in the last minute on a power-play (like most of his goals.)

I'm not too interested in the other teams playing, but another double o/t game between Sharks and Predators ended in a Jaws victory (5-4). Anaheim took Minnesota 2-1 in a comparatively low scoring game.

Even without the Leafs, Canadians or Oilers, this promises to be a pretty interesting play-off series!

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