Thank God It's Good Friday!

Good Friday has arrived and that means that Easter is just around the corner. According to Wikipedia, Good Friday over here is known as 聖金曜日 (hijiri kinyoubi) which as near as I can translate means "Elbow Profit Friday" but I think I have that wrong.

Okay, I got the scoop. Hijiri refers to "Saint" or is an exalted position amongst Buddhist Monks. But when referring to Sainthood, the prefix 聖 (sei) is used so St. Valentine would be 聖バレンタイン. Yet my dictionary defines Good Friday as 受苦日 (juku bi), which I would interpret as "Cram School Day" (塾日). Now you know why it is so difficult for me to study Japanese. Because I get caught up in the semantics and specifics and am always trying to use the homonymnal sounds to make dumb jokes.

Regardless, today is the last day before Easter Monday and so I'm trying to make some analogy between this and Easter, but I can't.

Now does anyone know where I can get some Hot Crossed-Buns over here?

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