Leafs beat the Habs by 6-5 in a topsy-turvy game. First Leafs score, then Canadians tie it, then Leafs score 2, then Ryder scores a natural hat trick with 3 goals in a row to take the lead 5-3, then they get another goal, but then so do the Leafs and go into the 3rd period with a 5-4 deficit, and eventually score 2 more power-play goals to overcome Montreal and hold on to their precarious lead for 16 minutes to win 6-5!
Everything's coming up Milhaus!

Now the Islanders beat Phillie, so if the NJ Devils tank their game (like all playoff-spot winners have been doing), all our effort would be for naught and the Islanders will take the 8th playoff spot. So go Devils!

Oh, and the Toronto Raptors took their division in basketball...Big Whoop!

Oh, and Happy Easter everyone. The bunny was good to all Leafs fans today!

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