A Bit of Bubbly.

Last Friday's Echophonyk event "Bubble" was pretty lively. For a change, I didn't get there until about 10 and once there, I stuck to my guns and didn't imbibe all night. There wasn't a huge crowd, but those who were there had a blast.

Kanako and Kazuko haven't shown up in about a year. Glad to see them.
VJ Nori in his Rasta look, chatting up the birds. Yah, Mon! Check out his blog for a detailed account of the evening.
The lovely Akari and her boss. She gave Alex an incredibly cool Mr. Potato-Head (I am so jealous!)
Mariko brought the organizers of the last Enn party, Pirate. They wanted to check out the locale and will be bringing their gang to Shaft for a Christmas Charity Event. I hope to Santa for it.
Boogieing down.
Lighting the ケキ (ke-ki).
お誕生日おめでとうございます。 (O-tanjobi omedeto gozaimasu = birthday congrats please).
The birthday boy spins.
and spins while rapping (not really.)
Mr. Potato-Head & Ittan Momen.
The reason I hung around instead of going home and nursing my colitis.
Not only did I not nurse my tummy, I danced for 3 extra hours.
You can see why...
This post has been brought to you by Collon - the cream filled colon-shaped cookie for colitis abusers.

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