Ooooh...Scary, Boys & Girls.

I agree with many of the choices for All-time scariest TV characters but the author has obviously never seen any Kolchak episodes.
I was particularly creeped out by the Hindu demon, Rakshasa from "Horror in the Heights", not so much for looking scary, but for its ability to take on the appearance of the one you trust most. One of the few shows I recall getting nightmares from.

Speaking of spooky shows, The first season of Medium has started airing over here. What a well-written show! Each episode ends by putting a lump in my throat and her children are the best kid-actors I've seen in a show since Frank Black's daughter Jordan from Millenium.

While I'm in a TV mood and speaking of child actors, let's make mention of Buffy. Oh yeah, there is that vampire-loving, vampire killing Buffy, but there is also another Buffy...

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