The Puck Drops Here.

WooHoo! A new season of NHL Hockey has begun and Wednesday night (Thursday morn for me) premieres the New Leafs lineup against the smoking hot Senators. Let's see what kind of a wacky roller-coaster ride the Leafs (Leaves?) take us on this year! This 90th season of NHL hockey is an important one for the Leafs, for they don't want to become only the second squad in franchise history — and first in 80 years — to miss the playoffs for a third consecutive season.

A few posts back, I commented on a local artist (Ken Darby) who is now paddling in the sky. He had done numerous Hockey-themed paintings during his career. Now some young Swedish pup, Johan Wattberg, has picked up the torch from him and is specializing in paintings of fellow Swede and ex-Leaf, Borje Salming.

In the late 70's, I started watching the Leafs again after a long absence (like high school) and would catch their games in the Dorm's tv lounge. (The fact that there was a young lass who was a huge Leafs fan and after whom I was chasing had nothing to do with my newfound obsession.)

Let the obsession renew!

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