I Need Some Hot Stuff Baby Tonight!

Ages ago, I won this HOT STUFF Dart Board at UFO Catch. Back when it was easier to win (I'd milked this one place for huge bags full of prizes weekly over the last few years...but they've changed formats, Dang!), I won several sets of Darts that I would use or give to friends. Alas, the darts didn't last long; hard to believe that they would be of inferior quality.

Of all the Harvey Comics (that I rarely bought but often read at others' homes) I always liked Hot Stuff the best. He was this mischievous little Devil with a sentient pitchfork! Casper was too wimpy, as were Wendy and even Spooky. Even though he wore asbestos diapers, one could always count on Hot Stuff to fry some guys butt at least once each story.

As seen in this cartoon intro for Casper's 60's show, Hot Stuff never got any media coverage, ghosts and witches were okay for Saturday Morning Cartoons, but a little devil was too much for prudish network execs. For that matter, Hot Stuff paraphernalia wasn't in vogue in the 60's, but if you want to track down some recent Hot Stuff stuff, try Dark Horse.

A grudge match I'd love to see: Hot Stuff vs. Hellboy Junior! But I don't think that'd be possible until Hell freezes over. In the meantime, I'll just wait for this to be released on DVD.

In conclusion: It's Karaoke time!!

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