Rhymes with Orange.

Today's Halloween post is an incredibly lazy one. Two wrappers from Sangaria brand Orange drink (I don't think it can be called juice, but you do get 10% extra something.) The first one is a very cute scene of pumpkin-headed children trick or treating along with various other costumed critters. I'm not sure what the "Let's Challenge" entails, perhaps a "Where's Waldo?"-type task. (Click on the pic to get all the details.)

The Sangaria company is based in Osaka and primarily offers drinks infused with vitamins and marketed for their health benefits. Apparently their motto, "国破れて山河在り (Kuni yaburete sanga ari)" has something to do with mountains and rivers and stuff (I told you this is a lazy post.)

I can't find an ad for Halloween Orange, but this one has the appropriate colour scheme:

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