Fancy Dress Time.

Halloween approaches and I have yet to choose a costume (or as the Brits say, "Fancy Dress".) Fortunately, one of the newsletters that I subscribe to is About Anime and they have recommended the top 7 Anime Costume Resources. I plan to sift through them and offer my advice as well.

#1 is Cosplay Magic which has a wide variety of Animeted outfits for men, women & kids. The cheapest is a Matrix cloak for about 35 bucks and I saw one outfit going for 600$! (My Matrix gear from several years ago cost me about 5 bucks via UFO Catcher-Hah!) They average between 100-200 smackers. I haven't heard of 95% of these characters.

I would consider going as Doraemon or Sailor Moon though.

#2 would be Moon Costumes which has several characters to choose from. I see they have Matt from Death Note, but I want to go as Ryuk.

#3 has a list of Anime/Cosplay forums for you to traverse. Allow your inner-Otaku out and join in the Chat with fellow Cosplayers to get tips & pointers on all your costuming needs.

#4 is BellaOnline but I have no idea how to access it because my stupid Norton won't let me access any Flicker accounts (any idea how to bypass that??)

#5 is JediElfQueen for those uber-nerds with a need for armour (and I don't mean HotDogs.)

#6 is AngelicStar, a site that looks a bit naughty but is a great resource for Beginner or Expert CosPlayers. If this woman played Electra, that would have been a great movie.

#7 is the Costume Page, a list of links for making or buying costumes. In one of the links, you can learn to make 18th Century corsets!

I'll make this a true Top Ten and add a few local Japanese Costumers.

#8 is a Rakuten resource (makers of yummy goods and owner of the Rakuten Eagles baseball team.) These Witch and Devil outfits for Ladies range from 3000-5000¥/30-50$ (about 1/3 the price of the above American outlets.)

#9 are from the same place but I'll do some of the clicking for you. I suggest their アニメ・TV・映画 コスチューム (Anime/TV/Movie Costumes) for some pretty awesome looking gear ranging from 6000-12000¥/60-120$, such as this terrific DevilMan.

#10 is a link for some terrific Japanese Obake (monsters), such as カラカサお化け = an Umbrella Goblin!

After going through all these, I still don't have any ideas for my costume. Any suggestions?

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