Masking My Intentions.

Lots of bloggers have been showing classic masks from old catalogs such as this guy's werewolf mask et al.

But my favourite is this guy's who shows Ghandi, Hitler, Mussolini & Stalin (One of these things is not like the other...) including my cropped pic of Hirohito. I would be arrested if I were to wear it on the streets. Check out this flicker page of more hideous masks. Here is a link to an original one, this Dalek-human hybrid mask.

But what I'm going to show you are some Indian Punch-out masks from a 1993 book I found on sale here in Sendai a few years back. After the 6 masks, you'll find a glossary of them that I also cropped from the book. Click on the link if you want to buy the book, I may be using #4 for myself.

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