Neither Rain Nor Sleet...

Would prevent the Echophonyk Halloween Party from completing its mission to entertain the masses. Alas, the typhoon-induced rain did prevent the masses from attending in swarms, but those who did show were certainly entertained. Compared to last year only about 2 dozen people braved the elements to show up to the Farm to imbibe & jive to the tunes. Only 3 DJs made it and split the duties amongst them starting with Mixture, Mokugohan at Midnight, a bit more Mixture and culminating in a 2 hour set by Special Guest Mark Saito.

Without further ado, here's a sampling of the costumes displayed for all to gawk at.

Keep this bunny away from Glenn Close or she'll end up in the stew.
Not a very creative effort, but a pumpkin hat does fit the bill.
An adorable China doll, with whom I cut a rug.
Da Devil made me do it.
DJ Mixture looking militarily zombified.
Mark Saito as Blechula.
Grooving those groovy grooves.
We had tons of fun while he applied his makeup during dinner. The red eyes are a photographic snag but are certainly appropriate. (Click on the pic to see them up close.)
As one of the chubbier scarecrows out there, there is some explanation as to the prep of my costume. As usual, I left it to the last minute and as usual, I'm amongst the top contenders for best costume. Too bad I'm a judge and thus I never win!
If I only had a brain, I'd be able to realize something. I tried to make stuffing by cutting up some whisk-brooms into hay. Well much to my surprise, my nose began to run like Niagara and I didn't clue in until later that you can get hay fever from hay! I gave up on the whisks and cut up a much larger broom (that uses another less allergen-filled grass) and placed it in my hat. Throughout the night, I lost stuffing all over the dance-floor...good thing I wasn't cleaning up.

A rose between two thorns.
The bar staff & I with Mixture's missus peeking in.
The China doll & I.
Adam does his best to imitate Japanese dental-work.
Adam's adorable wife, Kuni, chose to mingle rather than DJ.
Is she ever not posing?
Motoko looking lovely as a 魔女 (majo = witch.)
My gal pal Motoko and a former student, Karin.
Karin caring about a かかし (kakashi = scarecrow.)
Halloween at the Farm is not complete until a light sabre fight.
The best costume of the night Jack スズメ (Suzume means Sparrow.)
Jack is about to have his brains eaten.
Nori is polishing the sabre.
Jack gives some pointers.
My favourite photo. Though bouncing a balloon back & forth has limited appeal to me since I am older than 8, these girls went at it for ages. This surreal shot has them blowing the balloon.

See you next year.

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