Welcome To The Splatter Zone.

When I was home last August, I had the opportunity to witness a truly unusual theatrical performance. If you look at the ticket, I suspect you'll be able to guess what the musical was.

Ashes to ashes...
Ash not for whom the chainsaw roars, it roars for thee.
The evil talking book, the Necronomicon.
All those in the first two rows were in the "Splatter Zone" and were warned that they may be sprayed with blood. Of course I eagerly chose to be in the Zone and was not disappointed.
A group of Ash-holes from the Zone.
Splatter aftermath.
Evil Cap.

This play was wonderfully tongue in cheek and has moved into my top 3 Comedy SciFi/Horror Musicals. The songs were deliciously cheesy, the effects were bloody great, the puns were incredibly bad and the cast had so much fun doing it that their enthusiasm was contagious. The show was extended into September, but the chainsaw has run out of gas and the show did close. For those of you who need a taste of blood, check out a few of these clips.

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