A Nightmare By Colouring.

Just a quickie post before I retire, here's a snap of A Nightmare Before Christmas Pencils, Crayons & Paints Set. I have absolutely NO talent for drawing, so I believe this'll make a dandy present for Alex's daughter. She might still be a bit young for it, so I may wait a year, but it really does look cool.

It looks like Sunkus Conbini has a special NBC promo going. I hate it when they do that, I'm a sucker for Jack goods.

(Ps. Alex, please ignore this post...)

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Anonymous said...

Post? What Post?
... Oh THIS post!

B.T.W. Do you own a copy of Halloween on DVD? I usually show the video to my 3rd year girls but its seen better days and the scenes in the dark are pretty much just blackness now. Thanks again for Friday


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