Pocky Marks.

Just a quickie post tonight. The Glico company has put out a few special runs of Pocky and here is the Halloween edition for you...

I've tried the Pumpkin and it's pretty tasty. I normally don't like the taste of カボチャ (kabocha = Japanese pumpkin) but as a Pocky flavour,
パンプキン, is okay.

Strawberry in Japanese is いちご (ichigo) which is homonymous with the numbers 1 and 5, a source of great amusement for me when teaching about fruit. I don't know what the character is, sort of like a pock-marked, fruity scarecrow thing.

Milk is みるく (miruku) and I suspect it'll taste kind of milky. But the ghost is cute.

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Tegan said...


Sheesh. That just rocks. I wonder if they'll show up over here. Doubt it.


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