Vamping It!

I love Vampires! Anyone think they suck? I sure don't. Give me a great vampire movie, a mediocre vampire movie or even a crappy vampire movie and I'm a happy Vlad.

Tell me what you think of this list of the top 11 Vampires and tell me if you can notice a few missing entries. The movie sucked, but I can grant them Kate from Underworld; biker chomping Salma Hayek, of course; Blacula, no problem; our Lost Boys boys, sure; Sesame Street's The Count Von Count, okay; Deneuve from The Hunger, oh yes; Cruise miscast as Lestat, if we have to; Buffy's Angel, why not Spike?; Nosferatu's Orlak, javohl; and Oldman as Coppola's Dracula.
Kelly over at Mixed Nuts would like to add Chris Sarandon from Fright Night and Michael Nouri from the Curse of Dracula (a series I'm ashamed to be unfamiliar with). I thought that among the 179 listings of the infamous Count, you'd think that maybe Bela Lugosi or Christopher Lee might have warranted at least a mention in the list (What Morons!)

Because it's a list of Hollywood Vampires, I can't fault them for not mentioning Canada's own Nick Knight from Forever Knight.
Or more recently, Henry Fitzroy from Toronto's own Blood Ties based on Tanya Huff's very cool series of books.

Since tomorrow starts Halloweek at school (lessons about Halloween for a week & a half), here are a few Vampish characters I'll be using for you to enjoy.

Bugs Bunny as the Count, though I prefer Bunnicula.

This last one is from an old anime starring Dracula & Frankenstein's monster, but I can't make out what it's called. Any hints?

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