I'm Getting Too Old For This ;;;;!

As old age creeps up on me, I find new problems occurring everyday. My last health check gave me a clean bill of health except for Cholesterol levels shot through the roof. And this morning, after a dozen hours of Tummy Trouble, I skipped school and went to my friendly clinic. They like me because no matter how much discomfort I'm in, I joke with them, putting them at ease in dealing with the chubby foreigner. So, it looks like I finally better get on that diet that I've been avoiding for years. I have the beginning signs of Colitis (大腸炎). Not to worry, nothing bleeding or ulcerous, just a very tender lower abdomen. I'm on some anti-inflammatory and anti-diarrhea meds and should be better in a week. I sure as Hell better be better by Halloween, I don't want to end up going as a semi-colon.

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